Get the most out of your time on the range.

Range Trackr was built with bulletproof data to meet the needs of the 2A community. Unlike most apps that look pretty but don’t function well after a v2 lauch, we built ours “backwards”.

Most app companies build a nice looking front end and figure out the data part later. As they roll out new features and make changes they’re effectively using bailing wire and duct tape to keep the app running.

After a while it costs more to fix the back end than the app is worth. The app gets abandoned and the users are left with a piece of garbage they have to depend on.

We built the data side of our solution to be “bulletproof”. With a solid back end you can adjust the reporting, features, and functionality as needed. Rather than fixing it as we break it we built it right from the start. By building it “backwards” you can rely on the system far beyond a v2 update.

Who is Range Trackr For?


Field Testing
Practical shooting sportsman

Ranges, Retail and Training facilities have unique challenges. Ranges that offer rentals/loaners equipment for students to use need to track their inventory. Its easy to keep an eye on it with one or two guns but a significant inventory is impossible to catalog.

Having a system like Range Trackr allows you to know your equipment is good to go at all times.

Given a long enough service life a range rental may have all of its parts replaced. This is especially true for fully automatic weapons. At a certain point you can spend $2000 fixing a Glock for the 5th time…or you can buy a new Glock for $500. Our system gives you the data you need to make that choice with confidence.


SWAT officer with ballistic shield

As each LEO completes a course that record is stored digitally in our system. They can upload information about the class, scores, targets, drill notes, log malfunctions, and build a comprehensive database of that class. This information can help departments with certification or promotion of qualified candidates.

Range Trackr can also help track the lifespan of equipment. From keeping an accurate round count on weapons to alerting staff of expired/expiring products like Narcan. Knowing the round count allows the department to better budget when they purchase new equipment. Departments can use that data to make decisions that will (hopefully) lead to better support for officers in the line of duty.

Range Trackr gives departments the ability to digitally track a wide range of things. Departments will be able to track completed training, qualification scores, equipment service records, and more.


Young male sniper in camouflage with gun in the desert

Range Trackr allows serious shooters to track every detail of their firearm. Track training sessions, match scores, ammo performance, component/optic performance and more. The system allows you to fine tune your shooting to fit your style and needs. From a novice shooter learning a new skill to a competition match shooter you’ll have it all at your fingertips.

Too many shooters guess when it comes to the performance of their firearms and the equipment. Range Trackr allows them to track the differences between any number of variables. You don’t have to be training for the Olympics to benefit from detailed record keeping. In the event of a robbery or fire the system can quickly generate a report for recovering or replacing lost weapons.


Thats all well and good…but what the hell does it do?

Here are just a few of the bullet points of what the system will do.

As we finish up the final version to be released we’re looking for additional input. If you’re someone who wants to provide input let us know!

We’re “gun guys” who built a software solution that actually fit the needs of the shooting community. As part of our “research” we got to shoot several thousand rounds at the local range…and call it work!

We built this app to help shooters at all levels harness the power of data.

  • Track Firearms

    Build your firearm into the system and track round count, cleaning, malfunctions, configurations, and more. Know your weapon inside and out at all times.

  • Track Classes

    Students and instructors will be able to track progress, drills, scoring, certification, and more.

  • Detailed Reports

    Data driven reports to help you maintain and manage your inventory of firearms.

  • Additional Features

    Additional features will roll out automatically to the system.

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